Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Here is some new work fresh out of the kiln + a week or so to clean up and mount on wire and cord. Most are ^6 porcelain, done in my electric, as I have not been in the best health (my regular disposition + car accident a few months back) to do wood firings recently. I do have a shoebox filled with bisqued pendants for the wood fire though, hopefully I will get around to it if I can feel better. As with everything, all handmade and carved by me. I started working with wax based clay and silicone at the end of last year to improve my sculpture skills and try to do some more challenging shapes when going back to porcelain. It was easier to work with on the couch too. All the shapes are my design and once the blanks are made in porcelain, compressed, and dried, I carve all the details and trim down for weight. Still trying to find my voice in electric firing, what you see is the culmination of the year of experiments and color. I used Standard's 365 porcelain for all of these, but after my last kiln load of tests will probably switch to Laguna Frost. Now that I'm more comfortable with the glazes/underglazes, clay and firing my kiln, I'll try to make some of my more detailed circular hollow pendants in Frost. Some of the images are the pendants turned around to see the other side, like the snowflakes which are double sided. I used black porcelain on a few and the decoration varies from Amaco PC/Celadon/Shino, Velvet underglaze, and Coyote microcrystals.