Monday, June 21, 2010


Here are some bottles I've been working on while testing glazes. I like the simpler version better than the
more intricate. I made blank bottles on the wheel, manipulated them, then carved. Before they were fired I painted a black clay slip onto the recessed areas. So whatever glaze I put over the entire piece, it will react just a little differently.

Doctor Who fanart

Here is my second painting of The Pandorica Opens (fanart), done in oil, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I might do a little here and there, it is still drying. NFS(Oil painting 18 x 24 inches )

Here is the first painting, done in oil. I got it framed, and took a better picture. NFS (Oil painting 18 x 24 inches )

 (old post) -So I haven't painted in a while. Watched the most recent Doctor Who episode on saturday night, The Pandorica Opens. The pretty much started working on this as soon as it was over. It's my interpretation of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh (really by someone who works for the tv program). So 12 hours later. . .

Friday, June 4, 2010

Show tonight

Lancaster Clay Studio is having a show opening for pouring vessels and serving platters Friday June 4th (today) at 5:30pm to 7ish or so. I'll be showing some pitchers and dishes, and you'll be able to see some of my works in progress and the rest of the studio. Wine and cheese and some other food will be availiable. 329 Main Street, Landisville, PA.