Monday, June 21, 2010

Doctor Who

Here is my second painting of The Pandorica Opens, done in oil, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I might do a little here and there, it is still drying. Sorry I took so long :P. This is gonna be $700 USD. + tax + shipping (shipped flat preferably). Whom ever decides they want it, I will work out the details. I can get it framed the same way as the first one below, for $150 more (it was $250). (Oil painting 18 x 24 inches )

Here is the first painting, done in oil. I got it framed, and took a better picture. I don't really want to sell it but if someone wants to give me $1,000 USD, I might think otherwise.  (Oil painting 18 x 24 inches )

 (old post) -So I haven't painted in a while. Watched the most recent Doctor Who episode on saturday night, The Pandorica Opens. The pretty much started working on this as soon as it was over. It's my interpretation of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh (really by someone who works for the tv program). So 12 hours later. . .


  1. This. Is. AWESOME. Best painting EVER! Nicely done.

  2. Well played, sir. Well played indeed :)