Thursday, August 20, 2009

Working on stuff for gas fire

There is going to be a gas kiln cone 10 firing the first week of September that I will be putting a lot of pieces in. About 3 of my big pieces wont be going in due to that mineral chipping that happened a while back, so they are at risk for exploding. So I'm making some more things and gathering pots that have been in my basement collecting dust from not making it into the last gas firing. Mid September I should have many more pots in my inventory and be more comfortable selling at shows. There is going to be a show that my studio is taking part in called "Art on the Farm" in Manheim, which I will make a post about closer to the date, it is the first weekend in November. I will definitely have pieces in that. So here is a picture of some of the pieces that will be going into the gas firing coming up. I need to do a ton of glazing this week.

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